ProFTP - How to use to send files?

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ProFTP - How to use to send files?

Postby bhende19 » 03. August 2008 01:03

I have checked and xampp is installed correctly and ProFTP is running on port 21.

How can I transfer files from xxx directory to my ISP??? Is there a manual or graphical interface to use? Will my ISP be able to set this FTP and download files to me?? Can not find documentation that explains these functions.
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Postby Nobbie » 03. August 2008 16:04

>How can I transfer files from xxx directory to my ISP?

What do you mean by "ISP"? A remote webspace?
And you install Xampp and ProFTP at your ISP? Or on your local PC?
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Postby glitzi85 » 03. August 2008 17:59

@Admins: Kann jemand den doppelten Thread löschen? Dann lassen wir es hier weitergehen.

Here again:

Please define exactly what you want to do without any abbreviations. An ISP is giving you access to the Internet, he has nothing to do with any FTP stuff.

ProFTPD is an FTP Server, you can not connect WITH it to somewhere, you just can connect TO it!

What Operating System are you using? Are you working on Command Line or do you have an GUI like KDE or Gnome?

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