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Security - Less please?

PostPosted: 22. July 2008 18:40
by jamesJF

I bet you'd never have expected a server owner asking for less security huh?

The thing is, I'm running Xampp 1.5.3a on my local dev server and everything works fine. However, in an effort to remove the password from the htdocs directory via the interactive security program in the terminal, I've accidentally set a blank MySQL network access password. I think this may be interfering with some of my scripts as I'm viewing them from the network.

My question is, how do I completely remove the user&password for Network MySQL access?

Thanks in advance,

PostPosted: 22. July 2008 18:46
by Dave_L
If you run phpMyAdmin as root (root@localhost), does the user with the blank password show up on the Privileges page?

PostPosted: 22. July 2008 21:28
by jamesJF
Thanks for the speedy answer!

I've set a password for the root user and when I login using that user I'm getting multiple users showing up in the privileges page. Hold on I'll get a screenshot :)


Thats what I get. Sorry, as you might have guess I'm a total Linux noob. Well actually I think I might have stepped one stage up from 'Total Noob' but you get the idea.

Thanks for you help so far!