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Notice error

Postby ericc » 08. July 2008 14:10

Hi all

Not a real problem as such, but I would like to inform the creator and maintainer.

I use LAMMP (or XAMPP for Linux) on a small Linux machine for php development.
To help me in my hard job, I also installed the excellent module Xdebug and configure it to show all errors including "Notice errors".
Now when I open the main page of XAMPP on my server, I see some errors like :
Notice: Undefined index: start-text5 in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/start.php on line 19

Notice: Undefined index: start-text6 in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/start.php on line 20

Not a big problem as such, and I can perfectly live with it, but if you present XAMMP as
an easy to install distribution for developers

I think you should pay attention to this "detail" ... :wink:

How can I install and activate the mod_python for the last version of XAMMP ?
I found in, an addon from Steini, but the last version is for XAMMP 1.5.0 ...

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