is xampp portable ?

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is xampp portable ?

Postby gok6tm » 19. June 2008 09:35


I want know if is it possible to install xampp on a usb disk for use from different pc. is the opt/ directory essential ?

Maybe with a shell script to modify the configuration file as the windows version.

it's for a nomade use, i try some liveusb distrib but don't like this because really to slow i just like to have a webserver on usbdisk

I'm noob (in english, in linux) please can someone answear me ?


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Postby Nobbie » 19. June 2008 19:28

>is the opt/ directory essential ?


On Linux you can solve the problem of the /opt directory by using symbolic links.
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Postby gok6tm » 26. June 2008 11:06

thanks !

Then if i understand i have to put the lampp directory on usbdisk and create a symbolic link to the usbdisk for use

cp -a /opt/lampp /usbdisk/lampp

ln -s /usbdisk/lampp /opt/lampp

The thing i really want is a own shell script to start and stop the server like this i can in the same time create the link before start the server and del it just after stop

for that i must have root privilege this is not really portable has i want but think it's ok
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