Can't run MySQL

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Can't run MySQL

Postby JKC » 28. October 2003 18:19


XAMPP loads fine except that MySQL's status is X, red on the status web page.

When I then run MySQL the main message I get is "Number of processes now running: 0" - this loops until I Ctrl Z to break out.

I'm running Topologilinux 3.1.0 which is 100% compatible with Slackware but runs on NTFS. This is on a Toshiba 2400-1200 notebook. I've reinstalled Linux on this PC without succeeding to install MySQL (everything else runs fine under Linux).

Any advise will be appreciated.

Despite this problem XAMPP made the process run very well, so much easier than reading through tortuous Linux user "guides". Thank you.

(I originally posted this query in what I laughingly call German - it's not my first language).

Postby Kristian Marcroft » 28. October 2003 22:35


could you have a look in /opt/lampp/var/mysql
there should be a File with an *.err ending?
Could you post like the Last 10 to 15 Lines here?

So long
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