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Viewing Web Pages

Postby yeager » 25. May 2008 23:38

Ok I got a web address from for the purpose to experiment on my
webserver. I typed my web address on another pc but it poped up a prompt to enter
a password. My question is if I load a web page into my htdocs folder and someone
typed my web address into their browser why does it still have a pass word and user
name prompt pop up instead of just serving the web page? Is it something I have
done wrong or do I need to enable something? I want to securely allow people to
view my web page without popping up a prompt for a pass word.
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Postby liquidx » 27. May 2008 04:51

i'm not good at this too, but...

what kind of username and password r u talking about?

if u'r on dsl, and the dns from dyndns is pointing to ur modem, it will indeed asking for a password to access the modem interface.

if it is a htaccess password from ur webserver, just simply remove the ht files from ur web pages directory

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