XAMPP - adding my own site(domain)

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XAMPP - adding my own site(domain)

Postby gesser » 03. May 2008 15:27

I had just installed "XAMPP for linux" on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy
Then I searched in the internet HOW TO ADD MY SITE or my domain to use it
for example www.mysite.com but didn't find an answer..
How can I add my own site?
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Postby gesser » 03. May 2008 16:17

oh, I had found 1 way!
To create your site folder here: /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/YOURSITENAME
and then in browser type http://localhost/xampp/YOURSITENAME
and it worked! but unfortunately I don't know how to use site as domain(www.YOURSITENAME.sth)
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Postby Nobbie » 03. May 2008 19:06

You cannot add your server to domain www.mysite.com or similar, you need a static IP for that and a service provider which registers the domain www.mysite.com to point to your static IP.

Instead you can use a dynamic dns service, you can use your dynamic IP (which is assigned by your provider) together with a domain name from the dynamic dns server.

A well known dynamic dns provider is www.dyndns.org - you should go there, read the "how tos" and get a domain name out of the pool of provided domains. What you need is called "Free dynamic DNS".
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Postby Hyakov2 » 25. May 2008 03:25

I'm with the similar problem, but I would like to change the main directory that is / opt / lampp / htdocs to / home / user / www but when I do that change the file httdp.conf he continues to redirect automatically to / opt / user / www / xampp how do I remove this redirect to the directory xampp?
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