Installing SVN on XAMPP?

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Installing SVN on XAMPP?

Postby WeirdAl » 29. March 2008 17:28

I'm on Fedora 8, trying to use the XAMPP package to host a few Subversion repositories I've created. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss on exactly how to do that... the various guides I've read aren't helping.

I tried installing from the Add / Remove Software option, and copying that into /opt/lampp/modules - but when I added the relevant lines to httpd.conf, Apache wouldn't start. So I'm guessing the module isn't compatible. I also wasn't able to add a <Location></Location> directive.

If anyone's willing to help me, I'd appreciate it. Bear in mind I'll probably need a bit of hand-holding, as my expertise is in Mozilla technologies, not Apache.
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Postby mistermartin75 » 18. July 2008 09:12

I'm trying this too, but I got some segmentation fault which takes too much effort to solve to me.

I'm working on building subversion myself now to see how that goes.
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