Redhat5.1 mit und ohne SELINUX in variant 32bit or 64bit

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Redhat5.1 mit und ohne SELINUX in variant 32bit or 64bit

Postby grzchr15 » 11. February 2008 16:14

Please any decision help how to setup redhat.

We are running redhat4 and need to upgrade to redhat5.1.

Can we use now 64Bit version?

Any hints how we can check if we need to stay on 32bit or what modules will work or not?

We want to get the benefit to update to mysql5.X and php5.X

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Red Hat versions

Postby steve5 » 02. March 2008 16:47

I think you may find that redhat 5.1 is still too old.
In my case PHP5 needs gilbc libraries greater than
what was supplied with redhat 6.1 ... I upgraded
to redhat 7 (guiness) solved the PHP problems
I had.

I would stay away from the 64 bit version .
Mainly because it is too new.
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Postby Scory » 02. March 2008 17:28

There is no advantage of 64-bit versions (only slightly better performance, but not worth the hassles), but many disadvantages due to lack of software for real 64-bit systems.

I wouldn't upgrade to 64 bit.

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