XAMPP on Asus eee pc -- localhost trouble

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XAMPP on Asus eee pc -- localhost trouble

Postby freeburj » 24. January 2008 21:54

dear apache lovers,

I am a dba and web developer who is on the road in South America for the next 6 months, hence all of my systems are being switched over to an eee pc running Xubuntu. I am switching from WAMP to XAMPP.

XAMPP is up and running just fine (no firewall on eee), however, other software seems unable to reach localhost, namely Navicat for Linux. PHPMyAdmin is great, but I use Navicat.

When XAMPP and Navicat are running (default settings in both) I should be able to administrate localhost MySQL dbs from Navicat. Instead I receive this error:
"2003 - Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)"

Does Apache running SSL have anything to do with this? I turned off the SSL and the error persists.

Does XAMPP's security system affect access to localhost? I don't know but I turned that off as well.

I need XAMPP for my websites on localhost, so it would be great to have it all working properly with Navicat for dba work.

Any suggestions?
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