Sharing MySQL DB on a dual boot system

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Sharing MySQL DB on a dual boot system

Postby hoggwild5 » 10. January 2008 16:31

I have a dual boot laptop that has Windows XP Professional and Suse Linux 10.1; the two OSs share a FAT32 partition so that I can have data files accessible to both OSs.

I have installed XAMPP on both systems, and have it running on either OS with no problems. My question :?: is this:

How can I make the two MySQL installations share the same DB? :? I understand that there will be DB restrictions related to size (a 4 GB size restriction, I believe), but this is a development environment so I don't think that's a big deal.

It would be awesome if I could access the same MySQL data from either OS.
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Postby sari42 » 10. January 2008 17:05

should be possibe (at least with myisam type tables)
make a backup and do some testing with the datadir settings in mysql/bin/my.cnf ,e.g.,
win: datadir="G:/MySQL/5051data" (G=FAT part,works on win)
tux: datadir="/mntpoint/MySQL/5051data" (didn't test it though)
(similar: innodb_data_file_path )
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