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PHP Accelerator?

PostPosted: 14. October 2003 01:39
by Csxtech
I do not recall reading anywhere if there is an PHP Accelerator included... Just wondering if the thought to included one is something considered??
(ie. Turck MMCache, Afterburner, APC 2.0b ...others)

PostPosted: 14. October 2003 09:46
by Oswald
Dear Csxtech!

Do you've any experiences with accelerators? Do you know a good and free one? I tried most of them about a year ago and found them all (the free ones) unusable or unstable or notaccelerating.

Do you know any good one?



PostPosted: 14. October 2003 12:49
by csxtech

I learn most of this stuff as I go! :D I was just looking at a few projects on SourceForge and ran across If I find time to try this it will be many weeks away. Their comparison chart of various accelerators looked impressive... :lol:

Lampp -- Great Work!
Great Day!

PostPosted: 14. October 2003 12:54
by Oswald
Dear Csxtech!

Never heard about turc-mmcache before. Blame me! ;) I will test it and will report my results here. May be I will put it into the next release.

Thanks for the hint and many greetings from Germany! ;)


PostPosted: 14. October 2003 15:06
by Oswald
Thanks again, Csxtech!

Turck MMCache seems to be great! Installs very easy and a quick benchmark (PHP script counting from 1 to 100 into a for loop) runs about 10% faster.

I will definitively include it in 1.4. Maybe I can persuade Kay to put it into the Windows version too. ;)

Greetings and thanks for that cool hint

PostPosted: 20. October 2003 19:08
by nemesis
Question: Are the 10% improvments releay on the shorter initialation time, compared to Java? Where the VM slows down simple Appz, but scales better in larger environments, and run as fast as C code.
The accelerator, translates the script into (php) bytecode, right?

Just my 2 cents.

PostPosted: 01. November 2003 08:54
by Guest
Hi, any advice on how to install TurckMMC over LAMPP?

Is it safe to just install as per the document at TurckMMC or is there other ways to do it?


PostPosted: 01. November 2003 11:19
by Oswald
Dear unknown!

Yes, follow the instructions of the MMCache home page. It's very easy.

Or you wait until monday. I included MMCache into the next version of XAMPP for Linux and I will release it on monday.