Hostname Redirection?

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Hostname Redirection?

Postby xixel » 02. January 2008 05:03

I'm new to linux but I'm not new to computers and networking, this has me stumped mainly because I have no idea what to search for but maybe if I explain it someone can help

I've got Xubuntu running on an old laptop, installed XAMPP - runs great, got myself a nice little dev envirment to play around on - now... when I type in the laptops IP, it gets "redriected" to http://xubuntu/ which makes little to no sense to me, the laptops "hostname" is lappy, I'm not sure where it gets this from

Now it still works INTERNALLY, but if I want to show someone something, externally they're redirected, I can't show them anything

apache config is just Listen 80, nothing seems out of the ordinary anywhere - I'm not sure whats doing the triggering but I hope you guys do

Thanks in advance for your time
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