XAMPP installation on top of already existing Apache, MySql

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XAMPP installation on top of already existing Apache, MySql

Postby Iannew » 14. December 2007 16:57

Hello Forum!!
I am running fedora core 8 and already have installed Apache, MySql , PHP and Perl installed through the package manager.

However, I have been unable to configure it properly so that it works.
I need to get on with a PHP task. I have invested about all the time I have in learning how to configure it properly.(And it hasn't worked) I need to quit this for now and get on with the project at hand and moved on with the PHP task.

My first question is, Is it okay to install Xampp on a system that already has the components listed above or should these be uninstalled first.

And my second question is if in the future I learn how to properly configure the individual components, can Xampp run in "parallel" to those working properly.

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Postby sari42 » 14. December 2007 17:22

no need to uninstall but mysql and apache have to be stopped before xampp can be started (or the default ports 3306/80 have to be changed).
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