Memory exhausted problem

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Memory exhausted problem

Postby nicolas.cros » 23. November 2007 19:51

I have a "Memory exhausted problem" with a Linux/Xampp installation.
And, even if changes of "memory_limit" in php.ini is correctly reported in phpinfo() , it seems not used by xampp's php.

I tried several versions (lampp-1.5.1,lampp-1.5.4a, lampp-1.6.4) without any success, and the problem can be reproduced without apache (by running php from the shell).

Messages (depends on version) :
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$ /opt/lampp/bin/php-5.1.1 index.php
Allowed memory size of 160 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 63 bytes)

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$ /opt/lampp-1.6.4/bin/php-5.1.1 index.php
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7631 bytes) in /opt/lampp-1.5.1/htdocs/appli/prado-3.1.0.r2045/framework/pradolite.php on line 142

Any hints appreciated.
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Postby joz » 14. February 2008 14:19

no one answered here... that's a pity, I have the same problem... :-(

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Postby Scory » 14. February 2008 19:21

>no one answered here... that's a pity,

No code, no more information ... that's a pity.

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