Joomla! -- MAJOR permissions & minor security problems

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Joomla! -- MAJOR permissions & minor security problems

Postby fredbird67 » 19. November 2007 07:58

I've got XAMPP running on PCLinuxOS 2007. I just tried downloading and installing Joomla!, and I'm getting some funny problems on the main page before I do anything on it. First of all, I downloaded Joomla_1.0.13-Stable-Full_Package.tar.bz2 and extracted it into the folder under /opt/lampp/htdocs/joomlasites/joomla (of course), went directly to the page in Firefox by going "localhost/joomlasites/joomla", and the main page shows up just fine and such, but it's displaying a few problems, as follows:

1) It says register_globals is on. Mind you, since this is a firewalled development server, I'm not that concerned about this, although I always write anything affected by that as if the register_globals variable was off.. However, I would like to know where one can change this. I ran a grep command to find it, and it found several places where that's mentioned. I tried going into /bin/php, only to discover that "php" as well as two other files starting with "php" are binaries, of all things, and as such, I have no idea at all how to change that in that binary file since I tried opening it in KWrite and it came out as gobbledygook. Can someone point me in the right direction on this one? If not, it's no big deal, but I'd like to know where to change this, if possible.

2) This is a much bigger problem. Under "Directory and File Permissions Check", everything comes up as "Unwritable", never mind the fact that, for the sake of convenience, I've changed the ownership of "/opt/lampp/htdocs/" and everything below that to my login username. I double-checked the folders referenced there, and sure enough, I can write to them -- why can't Joomla!? Does anyone know?

Thanx in advance,
Fred in St. Louis
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