Encrypt folder in htdocs

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Encrypt folder in htdocs

Postby Smedts » 14. November 2007 07:00


is it possible to encrypt a folder in htdocs to provide people, with fisical access to the server, to access the PHP-code? Off course should Xammp to be able to show the website and run the code itself.

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Postby Philc » 27. November 2007 21:16

I dont know about file system/directory encryption (depends on your file system), but have you tried adding the users and the xampp user into teh same group, and only allowing that group to access the directory?
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Postby Scory » 28. November 2007 13:05

Simply store the code outside of DocumentRoot, so nobody can access it from outside, but from inside you can access all files via include('/path/scriptname.php').


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