A Little help, Please

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A Little help, Please

Postby miked » 03. October 2003 04:07

I was look for a quick way to setup and test http://www.egroupware.org/ .... it looks like this is a great way :D Any hints or tips anyone might have about adding (egroupware) would be greatly appreciated.... My installation of XAMPP will be under RH7.3 I am believe I will need the Development Package from here also??? Then just download compile and run Egroupware?? THANKS TO XAMPP DEVELOPERS FOR THEIR HARD WORK 8)

Postby Oswald » 03. October 2003 11:17

Hi Miked!

I'm not sure aboute eGroupWare. It looks like a PHP application and in this case you didn't need the develop package of XAMPP and neither need to complile anything.

I assume the installation of eGroupWare would be very easy. Take a look at the documentation of eGroupWare.

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To EZ :)

Postby csxtech » 08. October 2003 03:51

Oswald, this is just awesome :lol: You were so right!! Not a lot of mysql/php experience here but, xampp sure makes me feel like I am 8) Thanks this has saved me many hours and still feel I have learned a lot using this package. Now that I have things running I believe I will work on security . . . THX, THX, THX

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