mysql password special character?

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mysql password special character?

Postby bouton » 08. October 2007 13:27

We just upload the new xampp and have discovered that our mysql root account no longer worked. I have tracked it down to it not accepting the special character "&" which we had in the password in the 1.63b version.

Is this a xampp issue? mysql issue?

We've got around it by changing the password but a heads up if you keep getting a 'no access allowed' message in mysql/phpmyadmin
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Postby sjb » 20. October 2007 23:21

I have a similiar question.
Out which characters the phpmyadmin password may be made?
And how long it must be and how long is the length limit?

some websites for example ask for passwords with min. 3 chars to max 10 chars
and at least one special char like $, % or & must be contained.
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