I NEED help! MAJOR! please

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I NEED help! MAJOR! please

Postby hsncorrosion » 15. September 2007 19:16

I am going to start a web server with xampp

I want to use linux as it is free.

I have NO experience at all with linux.

I need to install linux with xampp and connect it to my network (the rest of the network is a bunch of windows boxes) I need the server to use a static ip of and I must have ftp access via my windows box in order to upload to the server. I must be to the point where I can just turn the linux box on and begin uploading As once installed I will have no monitor or keyboard connected to the machine.
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Postby skuipers » 24. September 2007 11:18

What is your exact question? ProFTPd is included in XAMPP, so after the initial installation you can get ftp access in an easy way.

You will probably also need a tool like Putty to get line command access to the server.
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