XAMPP Web Hosting Control Panel?

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XAMPP Web Hosting Control Panel?

Postby hsncorrosion » 13. September 2007 02:05

I want a web hosting control panel that will work seamlessly with xampp. So I have have users register have limits sql and ftp!

Can anyone do this, or know of one currently?
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Postby slowyaroll » 09. October 2007 15:39

Sounds to me like you want cPanel. Well, depending on your distro, cPanel will or won't work. Currently, cPanel doesn't support Debian based distros; so Debian, Ubuntu, and the such are out the window.

Plesk would be an option, and even Virtualmin (Webmin's version of a Web Hosting Control Panel). The big thing would is, most of those types of scripts have their own way of compiling Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. I know for certain cPanel does. They even provide a directory on the system /scripts/ which contains tons of scripts to modify or fix problems that creep up. /scripts/easyapache is one script in particular I know of because it's used to add PHP modules.

Chances are, you'll want to find a web hosting control panel that you like and find out what it's requirements are. The heavy hitters are cPanel and Plesk, but there are some people that do use Virtualmin. If you're just starting out, perhaps Virtualmin is your best bet as they have a version that's free.
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