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Add Oracle

PostPosted: 30. September 2003 15:56
by Guest froggy2
I need to access Oracle database from Linux Server using Lampp.
My Oracle 9.1 client if now working fine (ok with plsql) and i've just download lampp-dev.
But i'm now lost for rebuilding php with Oracle (no configure file, ...)

If someone could help me with a 'basic' step by step explaination...
Thanks a lot

PostPosted: 30. September 2003 17:37
by Oswald
Hi Froggy!

Two weeks ago I built a first alpha Oracle-Add-On for XAMPP (for Linux). It's not tested very well but if it works it's much easier for you than re-build PHP by yourself.

Installation instructions

1. Download ... 0.1.tar.gz

2. Extract the archive with tar xvfz xampp-linux-oci8-addon-0.1.tar.gz

3. Install the Add-On by calling xampp-linux-oci8-addon-0.1/install

Now restart your XAMPP and take a look at http://localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php
You shoud now see the presence of the oci8 module.


1000 "Merci"

PostPosted: 02. October 2003 15:49
by Guest
Thanks a lot...
My server is down :( but i gonna try ASAP ...