mysql not working

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mysql not working

Postby bad-dj » 02. September 2007 06:53

Hello i just install this on my centos 4.5 computer and it has this in the stats
Code: Select all
   MySQL database    DEACTIVATED       
   PHP    ACTIVATED       
   Perl    ACTIVATED       
   Common Gateway Interface (CGI)    ACTIVATED       
   Server Side Includes (SSI)    ACTIVATED       
   PHP extension »eAccelerator«    DEACTIVATED    see FAQ   
   PHP extension »OCI8/Oracle«    DEACTIVATED    see FAQ

and when i did the command /opt/lampp/lampp start it has all this stuff about fiald to change text in stuff but it still started the server httpd and then io stop xampp and then started it and never got the errors but the mysql server dose not seem to want to start help me.
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Postby invictus » 27. September 2007 03:52

I have the same problem on CentOS 4, MySQL doesn't seem to want to run on it.
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I have the same problem in Centos 5.0

Postby ghavl » 26. October 2007 03:31

please let me know how to fix it up

please let me know how to check if my xampp work correctly.
(apache, mysql, php etc)
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