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XAMPP with PostGress ADD-ON: Error

PostPosted: 13. August 2007 10:10
by ardicoetzee
I install XAMP like so:
tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.3b.tar.gz -C /opt

Then the addon like so:
tar xzf PostGreSQL-AddOn-1.0-pgsql8.1.tar.gz -C /tmp
cd /tmp/PostGreSQL-AddOn-1.0-pgsql8.1

I run install like so:

and it works...
Then I run the program like so:
/opt/lampp/lampp startpostgresql

And i get this ERROR:
"Starting PostgreSQL
This account is currently not available. "


PostPosted: 13. August 2007 10:46
by ardicoetzee
Oh... and I'm running Fedora Core 3!!!