FTP Connection Works, but files don't transfer!

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FTP Connection Works, but files don't transfer!

Postby LAMPPFan » 27. September 2003 07:15

I set up LAMPP on my computer, and then tried to connect to it through FTP on another computer though a LAN. I was able to connect, but when I try and transfer a file, I get this error: "550: Permission Denied. Transfer Failed!" What's wrong?

Postby Guest » 02. October 2003 23:53


Postby Oswald » 03. October 2003 00:04

Dear Friend!

It looks like the user under which you logged in (by FTP) was not able to write a file to the directory where you wanted to place a file?

Which user did you use? And in which directory did you want to write a file? Check the permissions of that directory. Is the user allowed to write?

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