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XAMPP for linux question

Postby ofpcomrade » 28. July 2007 06:16


I've decided to learn linux because some day I might have to host my e-commerce website on a linux box. Right now I host it on XAMPP for windows server 2003 standard. My question is should I just use apache and mysql that comes with my linux distro CentOS 5 or would it be better and easier to simply use XAMPP for linux? Thanks for any suggestions.
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Postby glitzi85 » 28. July 2007 11:22


XAMPP is not designed for use on a public Server. Also you would have a lot of Packages you maybe will not use on your Server.

If you only need Apache & MySQL (maybe also an FTP-Server) i suggest you use the Packages of your Linux. In this case this Packages also will be updated with the OS Update and you do not have to watch for this.

Also it is not a big problem to compile all these Components for Linux by your own. In this case you would have the chance to compile features you want and deactivate features you really do not want. However, Updates you would have to do on your own ;-)

I think the easiest way would be the usage of the OS-Packages. The most customizable way would be to compile by your self. XAMPP for Linux is the middle course.

[edit]: I forgot to say: Welcome on the Linux side of Life ;-)

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