Xdebug & apd for xampp

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Xdebug & apd for xampp

Postby astennu » 24. July 2007 08:56

Hi everyone,

here, you will find xdebug and apd compiled and configured for Xampp linux 1.6.2 : http://alexdebril.wordpress.com/

Usage is simple : copy it in your /opt folder, uncompress it and restart xampp.

If there is a real need about it, I am volunteer to maintain a kind of package which could follow the next xampp releases.

Have a nice profiling :)
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Postby astennu » 25. July 2007 16:54

Well, things are going very fast, so now xdebug & apd for xampp 1.6.3 is available at the same address.

Have fun :)
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1.6.4 works

Postby pbgswd » 26. November 2007 22:51

Hi I just installed it on 1.6.4 for linux and so far it appears to be working. I will be installing kcachegrind next as DR recommends it.
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