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Command line MySQL

PostPosted: 24. September 2003 23:52
by Wil
Is it possible to still use MySQL from bash? If it is how would you use it? This is my prefered way of building databases when I start.

PostPosted: 25. September 2003 08:07
by Kristian Marcroft

it's the same as in any other mysql...
just, that it is now in /opt/lampp/mysql/bin
Same Syntax same Programs...

Just give it a try

So long

PostPosted: 27. September 2003 14:12
by Wil
Thanks for the answer.

Also want to say this is a great setup. I dred having to compile new programs. If I have problems while compiling it can take some time to fix my computer. The down time is unexceptable. This install was very simple and straight forward. Many thanks again for the time involved in it.