Lampp is cool .... Bravo !!

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Lampp is cool .... Bravo !!

Postby Froogies » 24. September 2003 11:59

I 've installed horde ( (webmail imp, forum, ...):
It's really fine !!!
no problem with php & apache
I can tgz the /opt/lampp directory (lampp + horde), reinstall the tgz in an another computer : this new install is ok without recompile something or without modify horde config !!!!

PS : have you forget my request ?
--> the line to compile apache with lampp options ...

Postby Oswald » 24. September 2003 14:05

Dear Froogies!

Sorry, I didn't forget your request but I had to work until late night and was so tired as I came home that I absolutely had no chance to turn on my compter any more.

But tonight's the night!! ;)

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