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running 2 apaches

PostPosted: 05. July 2007 03:37
by dinks
my goal is to be able to use php4 and php5 at the same time. right now I have apache installed via yum using php5.

I want to run xampp's apache at the same time on port 81 (instead of 80 like my other apache server) i adjusted the http.conf to listen on port 81 but xampp won't let me start apache saying that another webserver is already running

how can i get around this?

PostPosted: 06. July 2007 19:53
by SlisheR
So you want to run 2 servers from port 81?
How would you like to do that *lol*.
You can only run 1 server on each port.
If it's still saying that a server is running,
try to stop all services, reboot and start all services again.
This might help you.


PostPosted: 07. July 2007 06:30
by dinks
no i have a server running on port 80.

i want to run the xampp's apache on port 81. but it refuses to start saying another server is already running. I want to bypass this.

PostPosted: 07. July 2007 10:20
by SlisheR
Where did you configured the port settings (which file(s))?

PostPosted: 07. July 2007 21:51
by dinks
i edited /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf (to edit the listen port of apache)

PostPosted: 08. July 2007 00:05
by SlisheR
You're right. I've edited the file too (changed port to 8080), opened port 8080 but Xampp will still run via port 80... sorry 'cause I can't help you. But if I find the solution I will post it.