mod_rewrite and ojs software

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mod_rewrite and ojs software

Postby orazio » 28. June 2007 18:56

I'm going mad with a server configuration.

That's my problem:
There is an Institution:

It offers a e-journals service between OJS software:

So each journal has this link:

So they asked to transform this in this other:

SO, first of all, I asked to the admin of to
create a second level domain and point it
to the server wich hosts:

Now I have to point to the right address:

I tried Virtual Servers, but each Journal has not an its own
directory, and i cannot point the Virtual Server directives to a php
function call (i.e. , but,
if I understand, it has to point to a real filesystem resource.

So I'm trying with mod_rewrite.

But I don't know how to write the Rules to rewrite them.
At least

has to point here:

Can anyone help me?
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