Is XAMPP suitable for production sites?

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Is XAMPP suitable for production sites?

Postby ppockey » 27. June 2007 16:26


I have been using XAMPP as a development site for some time now. I have read that XAMPP is not suitable for productyion, even after running the security script.

Please tell me why XAMPP is not recommended for production sites.

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Re: Is XAMPP suitable for production sites?

Postby mickknutson » 20. April 2009 13:38

I am interested in knowing if I change the security settings as per ... l#sicherer would I then be safe to run on a production system?

I actually will not be deploying PhpMyAdmin or the examples, and I always change my root password for MySql.

So please help me understand how to make the system PROD ready as I do not want to install each component manually
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