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Trouble installing WAMPP on FreeBSD

PostPosted: 26. June 2007 04:43
by src
I've got the latest version of both FreeBSD and WAMPP.

So I've gone through the tutorial:

I start with typing "su"
and It says "you have mail"

then I type:
tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.2.tar.gz -C /op

tar: could not chdir to '/opt'

Now, I've googled and found nothing?

Which leads me to believe WAMPP/LAMPP is not supported on FREEBSD...

Other things I tried:
Making the Directory "opt" moving it there, then trying to start it and it says "lampp command not found"

If lampp is not supported for FREEBSD any other all in ones that will work for FreeBSD that I should try?



Any help is welcome~!