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webmin autostart and...

PostPosted: 19. September 2003 14:31
by jorge
1. Is there a way to make webmin look when the linux is started?
2. How do i connnect to the computer from on other computer, i'm in a home network, but i can't find my laptops ip :?

thanx in advance


PostPosted: 19. September 2003 19:07
by Guest
number 2 is fixed, was a small problem in the config, thanx kris :D

PostPosted: 20. September 2003 05:10
by Kristian Marcroft

no problem :)
but now to starting Webmin on boot...
I'm sure you also would like to start LAMPP on Boot right?

Try this: (english)
And then, you start webmin once with
/opt/lampp/lampp startwebmin

Now when you reboot Webmin is stoped when your system goes down,
and also started, when your System boots.

Give it a try, if you have Problems, you know where you can find me :)

So long

PostPosted: 20. September 2003 10:51
by Guest
hehe, work great,

PostPosted: 20. September 2003 11:06
by Kristian Marcroft

no Prob..
that's what we are here for :)

So long