Strange problem with xampp

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Strange problem with xampp

Postby jackeapen » 07. June 2007 05:20


first of all, thanks for this great package. it made my life really easier.

I have a strange problem with an elearning package I'm using (Dokeos).
it has documents (for me, mainly flash files) in each course's folder. After i migrated to latest xampp on RHEL 5), I can't access these documents through the Dokeos interface. So I tried directly typing the URL of the folder.

When i type the url mydokeos/courses/COURSE1/document/flash1.swf i'm getting the browser's error page, though the file is very much there. if i type mydokeos/courses/COURSE1/document/ i'm supposed to get the directory listing.Oh no...... the same 404 again. OK, let me try mydokeos/courses/COURSE1/scorm/ or mydokeos/courses/COURSE1/assignment/ (i.e. folders in the same level as of the document folder) i'm getting the directory listing. Then here's the most perpleexing thing I encountered- i renamed document folder to documents .Now i get the directory listing when i try the url mydokeos/courses/COURSE1/documents/.

isn't it strange? any solutions? suggestions? (i'm not using the xampp's default webroot. instead i'm using my old document root /home/www. The folder permissions on the said document folder is 777.

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