sendmail problem - sending mail from php

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sendmail problem - sending mail from php

Postby Bobdude » 03. June 2007 19:15

Hi, i have a hard time sending email from my php forms in my site.

I run xampp on linux VPS centos doesnt come with sendmail or any other mail server.

I tried to install sendmail... but its too hard for me and i gave up, i tried to install postfix and qmail, but it seems that for the reason that my OS is "minimal" i cant procceed with the installation of those cause i dont seem to have the compilers gcc and cc etc..i couldnt install those either.. in few words i failed for that too :oops:

I want a simple way to install any mail server to use with my php.ini so i can send mails from my forms, like xampp, simple and easy! 8)
extract&get it to work! :P
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Postby johnsie » 22. June 2007 09:51

I recommend you install and configure Postfix. I dont use CentOS so I'm not sure how you would go about installing it but that's what works best for me in Linux.
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Postby PatrickM » 28. June 2007 19:20

When all else fails (but before you change your o/s) you can use something like which will give you the ability to send mail from php (html) forms.
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