Changing the XAMPP home page, Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn

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Changing the XAMPP home page, Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn

Postby leeric24 » 28. May 2007 14:11

Issue: I do not seem to have full control over the htdocs root directory. I have installed xampp-linux-1.6.1.tar.gz. After it has been installed, //localhost points to http://localhost/xampp. I changed the index.php and index.html files in the /htdocs folder with no luck. I changed the RootDirectory setting in the httpd.conf file from '/opt/lampp/htdocs' to '/opt/lampp/httpdocs' , after which, //localhost points to //localhost/xampp still, only it runs a 404 error because there is no index.??? in /opt/lampp/httpdocs; that doesnt fix the problem though, because then my address would have to be //server/xampp still. I have seen some similar complaints to this and have not found the answer. I do not believe it is anything trivial as i have poured over the .conf files and have found nothing that changes the RootDirectory setting. Could someone please help?
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 28. May 2007 18:11


it's as easy as clearing your browser cache.

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