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Xampp on USB drive, multiple PC's, Windows and Linux

PostPosted: 25. May 2007 09:17
by vavroom

This post might belong in the Windows forum as well, but I don't like cross posting, and since I think the major issue will come on the *nix side, I'm posting here :)

I hope people can give me good feedback on whether or not what I hope to achieve is doable with relatively minimal fuss :) I have spent several hours reading on this forum and Googling for information but haven't found an answer to my query.

I want to run Xampp off a USB drive. So far, so good. The problem comes from the fact that I need to connect the USB drive to several different computers, using different operating systems:

1- Laptop - Ubuntu (Feisty)
2- Home Desktop - Ubuntu (Feisty)
3- Work Desktop - Windows XP Pro
4- and a couple other machines, running Windoze, one of them Vista

So, I know I can install Xampplite on the USB stick for Windows. I'm not sure about the feasability of such for Linux, there is indication it's possible, but convoluted and uncertain. Having the option to do both is... well... I dunno.

Any idea how to achieve this? Is it even possible?

Thanks for any and all ideas.

Linux <> Windows

PostPosted: 01. June 2007 09:41
by graeme1972
I would say this is impossible as the Linux binaries will not run on Windows and visa versa. You would have to create a version for each O/S.

PostPosted: 01. June 2007 10:42
by vavroom
thanks for your response grame,

I realise that I would need two different installs. I guess the logistics issues I have to figure out is how to format the USB drive, how to share the databases and htdocs, etc.

Maybe it's not possible. But it would be nice :)