Does anyone know how to install Drupal on XAMPP?

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Does anyone know how to install Drupal on XAMPP?

Postby pronto » 20. May 2007 23:24

Does anyone know how to install Drupal on XAMPP?
I only have experience isntalling Apache+MySQL+PHP on Windows. Trying to install each individually for Linux is detective work, I don't have that much time to read stuff anymore.

I'm thinking that installing Drupal fresh for LAMP won't work the same on the XAMPP setup. Certain configurations seems to be set in stone in XAMPP unless you want to break things. Or am I wrong?

So how do you install Drubpal on XAMPP properly?
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Postby vavroom » 27. May 2007 09:58

I've only done it once, yonks ago. Standard xampp install. once xampp is installed and running, I just used the download of drupal and followed the instructions. Don't remember doing anything funky.

In the end I opted for Mambo and Wordpress ;)
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Postby kthxbai2u » 24. June 2007 02:29

Why would you install drupal? I heard has something thats going to EAT DRUPAL ALIVE!!! haha.... Too bad its not done yet... Thanks to me for the tip ;)

<note> I've removed my insults about drupal to prevent future issues with their community :P
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