No permission to write to htdocs/

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No permission to write to htdocs/

Postby davegod75 » 20. May 2007 22:06

I do not know why this is happening but after fresh install I have no access to write to htdocs/. So this means I can copy over my webfiles. I tried creating a directory under htdocs/ as root. When I try to write to that directory I have no permission.

using xampp can't be this hard.

How do I solve this problem so I can be up and running.

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Postby pronto » 20. May 2007 23:12

Try chmodding your /opt/lampp folder into 755 with this functions in terminal.
chmod -R [permissions] [dir name]

that would be something like this:
chmod -R 755 /opt/lampp

Hey Dave look me up at Ubuntuforums I'm jingo811. I'm also learning about Apache+MySQL+PHP= thus XAMPP. Maybe if we gang up we can start a XAMPP forum folder over there so responses can be much quicker than in here.

You can read more about the security issues when mismanaging your chmodding in this thread. But then Windows always has file permission of 777 that's why things work so easy, and that's why Windows is such a virus prone OS.

Don't expect much conversations from me over there I've been so busy learning to code PHP I haven't had time to visit the forums for a week which is very unusual for my standards :)
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