Mysterious redirect to /xampp/ directory

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Mysterious redirect to /xampp/ directory

Postby cstrouse » 17. May 2007 20:06

I removed the /xampp directory from my document root and it still redirects to the /xampp directory whenever I attempt to access the document root for my domain. I checked in all of the files in /opt/lampp/etc/ and /extras. What do I need to change to disable this forwarding?
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Postby Wiedmann » 17. May 2007 22:18

Delete/change the original "index.html" in htdocs and clear your browser cache.
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Postby kthxbai2u » 24. June 2007 02:34

I had this problem too... In my previous experiences with xampp, i didnt... However this one install for some reason it wouldnt stop forwarding me to the xampp directory. And I DID change the contents of index.html... Actually its .php now... And after clearing my cache (which i never even thought about) it worked.
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Postby ScepticWebAdmin » 25. July 2007 12:22

I'm now getting this problem i have deleted the index.php file and it is still redirecting me to the xampp folder help please
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Postby multiverse » 15. August 2007 14:13

I just wanted to confirm that clearing the cache is the right thing to do. I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu 7.04. Despite some vigorous apache reconfigurations, nothing was working until I blew away the cache in FIrefox. The most mystifying part of the problem is that /xampp/ appears nowhere in the various conf files.
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/xampp redirect

Postby myth2112 » 06. February 2008 03:31

I found this on the ubuntu forums here:

Just edit /index.html

and comment out the bolded line as below.

<meta name="author" content="Kai Oswald Seidler">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=/xampp/">
<body bgcolor=#ffffff>

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Re: Mysterious redirect to /xampp/ directory

Postby Accommodation » 24. April 2011 20:46

This is an old thread, but I found it at the top of Google results, so I thought it worth responding as I had exactly this problem today and none of the fixes I found online seemed to work.

My installation of Xampp on Windows 7 went fine, I managed to login to the admin area for wordpress at http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin.php without any trouble, but when I went to http://localhost/wordpress/index.php was redirected to the /xampp/ folder.

I checked the setup against a working installation of Wordpress on another server and found that during installation the /wordpress/index.php file had been removed from the /wordpress directory and placed in the /htdocs directory and renamed index_2.php. There was a new index file in the /wordpress folder that was doing the redirection to /xampp.

Al I had to do to get Wordpress to work properly was to rename index.php in the /wordpress folder to "index.something-else", then copy the "index_2.php" file from the /htdocs folder to the /wordpress folder and rename it index.php.

I hope this might help others who get stuck with this problem.
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