Install iODBC into XAMPP 1.6.1 under Linux

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Install iODBC into XAMPP 1.6.1 under Linux

Postby ikaki » 07. May 2007 10:37

[Excuse my english]


I'm trying install iODBC into my XAMPP under Linux.

I don't know how to re-compile PHP5 trough the XAMPP.
I've libiodbc-3.52.5 downloaded, and installed XAMPP and XAMPP development, running fine.

How can I re-compile iODBC? Can I do it under PHP5 into XAMPP?

I need do this because I must to read/write .mbd files from access database, trough a web application created with PHP5, running over Apache 2.

I tried to use de DB PEAR class (because MDB2 not ODBC implemented yet), but I got the error:
msg: DB Error: extension not found
code: -25

My code in PHP is:

Code: Select all
$dsn_odbc = "odbc(access)://:@localhost/vimeca/chapas.placas.du.mdb";

$db_odbc =& DB::connect($dsn_odbc);
// Error_DB_msg is a function rewritted
$msg_error = Error_DB_msg ($db_odbc);
if ($msg_error) echo $msg_error;

I've searched many days about this problem, in this forum too, but I'm not an expert in PHP.

Thanks a lot.
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