Xampp on AIX

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Xampp on AIX

Postby kumarangopi » 05. May 2007 06:56

I have done charts in PHP with following environment;
1) PHP 5.2.x
2) Webserver Apache 2.2.4 or higher
3) Perl 5.8.7
4) GD 2.0.1
5) JPgraph 2.1.1

It works fine in Windowx XP, Red hat linux 3.x.Now I need to move this PHP programs to AIX machine which has following environment:

PHP 4.0.6
Perl 5.8.2
GD 1.8.4
IBM HTTPServer 6.1 (based on apache but I don't know which version)
JPgraph can't find any aix version

What should I do now? Help me soon.Thanks in advance
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