XAMPP on Ubuntu Edgy Eft 7.04

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XAMPP on Ubuntu Edgy Eft 7.04

Postby ttomlinson » 25. April 2007 05:11

Ok just a helpful hint for those of you who are upgrading or updating. I've been running Edgy for the past several months and just upgraded to the official release. I also undertook upgrading XAMPP so that everything was up to date. As soon as I upgraded XAMPP I started seeing problems with my command line PHP programs (I have several batch PHP programs that I run from cron or the command line). Specifically I was having problems with Curl (I upload / download files from Amazon in batch). I was getting curl not found. I looked at php_info() and it showed that Curl was installed (I did a standard XAMPP install so I know Curl was there). After several hours of frustration I finally though that maybe I was running the wrong PHP -- and sure enough. I was running the standard PHP that came with Ubuntu and not the PHP that came with XAMPP. To fix the problem I simply removed the PHP file in /usr/bin and replaced it with a symbolic link to the /opt/lampp/bin/php file (assuming you installed XAMPP in /opt). I ran my batch file and volia -- it worked perfectly!

Thanks to the XAMPP team for a fantastically easy to use stack. Other than little quirks like this I've had Zero problems with it. And I've been using it for years!

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