The problem of install mod_limitipconn

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The problem of install mod_limitipconn

Postby newdir » 22. April 2007 17:11

I have use /opt/lampp/bin/apxs to install mod_limitipconn correctly.

but in the Readme,INSTALL file,it said:

By default, all clients behind a proxy are treated as coming from the
proxy server's IP address. If you patch Apache with the included
apachesrc.diff patch and configure with --enable-forward and rebuild,
the real IP addresses of clients behind proxies can be correctly
detected in most situations.

Many clients of my website are coming from proxy server, and I need this function, so how I can do? shall I need to rebuild apache in xampp? and how to rebuild the apache in xampp?

could anyone help me?

Thanks very much.
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