Recompiling PHP

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Recompiling PHP

Postby maxnorris » 21. April 2007 16:58

After the quick response I got from my last question, I figured I'd throw one more out there. :)

XAMPP is working great. Running surprisingly fast on this junker computer I made into a server (800MHz P3 lol) with Ubuntu Server 6.10 (entirely command line)

What I'd like to do is install the ASpell library into PHP. I installed ASpell via an apt-get command. I also downloaded and installed the XAMPP development package, hoping there's be some obvious file named "run me to compile PHP" in bold blinking letters.

No such luck obviously. I can do this in 30 seconds flat in Windows, but I'm determined to get this going on a proper server platform. (Win2K just wasn't cutting it, even trimmed down on all the services it's using double the memory that Linux is, and thats even before Apache and such)

I don't suppose anyone would care to post a step-by-step to recompile PHP? I'm comfortable with a command line, but fairly clueless to the process.

It's not terribly important, I can live without it. Mostly an educational experience. (Trying to get that 2000 pound Windows gorilla off my back)

Thanks :)
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