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world server

Postby kulgan » 15. April 2007 19:08

I formerly had a xampp server running that I could access from the web. All I did was change the DMZ IP on the router the the local IP of the server computer, and it all miraculously worked perfectly.

I then got a new modem. And it does most definitely not work the same way. If I go to my world IP, it does not load and eventually times out.

The setup is something like
World -> Modem -> Router -> Computers, one running a server.

So it's nothing special.

I believe it has something to do with napt on the modem, since DMZ is set up on the router.
What would be a good try? I have tried several things, but it doesn't seem to be changing all that much. At least not the way I want it to :?

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