Enabling FXP

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Enabling FXP

Postby Jeffsteez » 20. March 2007 14:20

I'm trying to enable FXP in my xampp installation on Debain. I'm using almost the default proftpd.conf file.

I've tried searchingg the answer myself and it seems I need to add "AllowForeignAddress on" to the proftpd.conf file.

I've tried adding it to a new line in the file, then using the stopftp/startftp commands to restart the server. I've also tried adding

AllowForeignAddress on

to the file, but again that made no difference. Incidently, a lot of the instructions for enabling fxp on proftpd have mentioned that the line should be added in the 'glabal' context. I'm not 100% sure what that means so I'm not sure if the above was worth trying.

Can anyone help me?

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