Permissions on added documents?

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Permissions on added documents?

Postby xardoz » 09. March 2007 16:33


I've installed XAMPP on Novell's OES (SUSE 9) and have changed the document root to one I can reach across our Netware network. Everything is working fine except when I transfer documents and folders to the document root, I have to CHMOD the new folders and/or docs.

Is it possible to set something on the document root folder so that anything copied into it automatically is CHMOD'ed to be viewable on teh intarwebs

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Postby JKMickelson » 10. March 2007 08:23

Hi Xardoz,

The only command that I am aware to change default "CHMOD" values (file permissions) is the linux command "umask." The question you ask is not a XAMPP question, but a networking/file permissions question.

This site will give a simple explanation of umask.

If someone else here does not have answer, ask in the Novell forums.
Here's a partial (perhaps complete) answer:

When you get it figured out, please reply to this thread and let those who follow it know how to get the job done.

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Postby xardoz » 12. March 2007 13:02

Thanks. I cross-posted this over at the OES Linux forum Friday. No one has responded yet, but I remain hopeful.
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