Heeeeeeeeelp Xampp mysql related problem!

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Heeeeeeeeelp Xampp mysql related problem!

Postby lychee_lch » 08. March 2007 07:34

I am newbie on using Xampp 1.6 version. Installed on ubuntu 5.10 version. I have installed Xampp without any problem. I can view Xampp localhost page. My problem is .. Currently i trying to setup mysql replication, therefore i need to
access mysql shell ( something like access Windows "cmd" mysql to insert table or configure mysql ). I know tht we can access through phpmyadmin... but my question is how can i access the mysql not from phpmyadmin but by using terminal or normall mysql shell.

Sorry for my broken english ... thank for advise !!!!!!!!
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Postby JKMickelson » 09. March 2007 07:02

Hi Lychee,

On the linux cmd line, type:
Code: Select all

If you encounter a problem, let me know.
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